Metal Smith’s Cart

Arie Allard from Holland has created this wonderful metal smith’s cart, as always adding bits and pieces from the JSM range. I just love these little dioramas. Check out the Gallery Page for more of his work.

Arie Allard - Metal Smith Cart 4Arie Allard - Metal Smith Cart 3Arie Allard - Metal Smith Cart 2Arie Allard - Metal Smith Cart 1

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Latest 54mm Heads are Finished

The latest 1:32nd / 54mm single heads announced in January have now been released (see photos below). There are now 22 in total and include the different helmet types worn with the German gas mask M17.
More 54mm heads are planned for the future.

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JSM 54mm Heads

SH - Group 1I have now extended the 1:32nd / 54mm range to include the heads to be purchased separately. The heads are partly from the existing JSM 54mm range, but now also include some of the not so common subjects for example gas masks or the German M1918 steel helmet with ear cut-outs. There are 17 French and German heads in this first release, with a further 5 more following shortly.

The 5 heads not yet released are below.

SH20 1SH21 1SH22 1SH19 1SH18 1

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The First 1:10th Scale JSM Bust – Chasseurs à Pied

29BUC 529BUC 629BUC 129BUC 7

Welcome to the first 1:10th scale JSM bust – Chasseurs à Pied – French Light Infantryman 1914/15. This simple, but hopefully interesting character is the first bust to be produced by me and will shortly be released. The kit contains just 3 parts; the head, upper torso with top part of arms and a 6mm diameter brass tube for mounting. The idea and reference material are from the wonderful book Nous Etions Des Hommes by Jacques Moreau (French language). A Newsletter will be sent out to all as soon the bust is released.

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Smile for the Camera

Title AFV 77 1I have recently updated the Gallery page with photos of US modeler Andy Gulden’s 1:16th Takom kit FT17 French Tank vignette. This appeared in the July/August 2014 edition of AFV 77 magazine. The vignette shows two of the JSM figures with numerous other parts added to the third figure and groundwork. In addition the diorama won gold at this MMSI Chicago show this year.

  AFV 77 Double Page 2AFV 77 Article 3 AFV 77 Double Page 3AFV 77 Article 4

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New Figures & Kits Finished

26MGP 024 new kits and some individual spare packs have now been released. The newsletter will be going out over the weekend. A big thank you to all customers & friends for being so patient in waiting for these latest releases………they were quite long in the making. There have also been changes to the site layout with a web shop installed to ease ordering. Please do not hesitate in contacting me direct if there are any queries or questions concerning anything to do with JSM.

A special thanks goes to David Youngquist from the Last Cavalry, USA for creating the step-by-step video (see below) on constructing a WW1 trench. There are some good and practical tips on painting figures here.

Jon Smith, June 2014

26MGP 25The 4 new kits are all in 1:16th and are based around the FLAMGA Gunner:

26MGP 0605SP MG08 FLAMGA Set 0204SP MG08 Set 0826MGP 20

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Creating a WW1 Trench – a great how-to from Last Cavalry, USA

This 5 part YouTube video series is centered on creating a WW1 German trench and has been created by David Youngquist from the Last Cavalry, USA. This gives some good information on painting techniques, groundwork and other useful modelling tips. Additionally, Dave will show some original equipment and explain specific details.

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Major Website Update in Progress – Now finished!

The JSM website is currently being updated with new releases and an internet shop. There will be 2 x new figure kits and 2 MG08 Weapon Set variation releases; all in 1:16th. Pictures will follow shortly.

Some of the items have still not been linked to the shop. This will be undertaken in the next few days. If there are any enquires or difficulties, then please do not hesitate to contact me direct:

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Future Projects

For the past few years a lot of thought has gone into bringing out a WWI vehicle in 1:16th scale. A preliminary research on the basic measurements for 3 or 4 subjects has taken place and no final decision has been taken. Also, many questions are still unanswered in respect to casting techniques, amount of detail to be shown, or basically where to stop and will it be affordable.

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On the Work Bench

German MG08 Gunner ca. 1915 (Code: 26MGP)

A standing figure with the larger MG08 Maxim. This project is still in the master construction stage, with many of the numerous MG08 items still to be produced. As always the figure will have a choice of 2 heads, with spiked and shako helmets. Photos of the master model will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Release date and price still to be announced.

1:16th Scale French Figure

The creation of a new 120mm French figure has always at the back of my mind and various French equipment items have already been produced. The smaller 54mm Poilu in the JSM range have always been popular and it would be pleasing to experience the same amount of positive feedback in this larger scale.

A decision as to what type of figure is still to be made.

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