Hamilka Barkas Modellbau Video on the JSM 54mm Chauchat Gunner (German language)

Creating a WW1 Trench – a great how-to from Last Cavalry, USA

This 5 part YouTube video series is centered on creating a WW1 German trench and has been created by David Youngquist from the Last Cavalry, USA. This gives some good information on painting techniques, groundwork and other useful modelling tips. Additionally, Dave will show some original equipment and explain specific details.

Jon’s Link List


  • A good website on the MG08 & MG08/15 with photos of original MG accessories (German language).


  • The IR63, or Infantry Regiment No. 63 is a dedicated reenactments group and member of the Great War Association (or the GWA). Based in the USA, it strives to honor the original participants of the First World War through battle reenactments both in battle and behind the Front Line.

Jon Smith Book List

I have put together a short list of the books I use for reference, general information and above all inspiration on future projects. The list is by no means complete and I am constantly on the lookout for new material. The book texts are in English unless otherwise stated and the comments after each title are strictly my own opinion.

WW1 Uniforms

Army uniforms of World War 1 by Andrew Mollo and Pierre Turner – ISBN 0 7137 0821 2. First published in 1977 and no longer in print, these Blandford Colour Series were good and formed the basis for many of the JSM range of figures. The coloured plates are in fact taken from original photographs and are still popular with figure painters / model makers today. The text to the plates is not always accurate in places. The books can still be obtained in various editions, secondhand from many sources.

World War One German Army by Stephen Bull – ISBN: 1-85753-271-6. This is a comprehensive analysis of the uniforms, weapons and equipment employed by the German forces between 1914 & 1918. I especially like the coloured plates and descriptions.

World War One British Army by Stephen Bull – ISBN: 1-85753-270-8. The same quality as the German Army book from the same author.

Uniforms & Equipment of the British Army in World War I by Stephen J. Chambers – ISBN: 0-7643-2154-4. The book contains over 600 rare photos of the British Soldier in World War I. The text to the photographs is especially well researched.

The Osprey Books. I have many of the World War 1 topics from this well-known book series. I try to choose my books by the illustrator producing the coloured plates. Amongst others:

Mike Chappell, Adam Hook, Rarmiro Bujeiro, Tony Bryan to name a few.

Infanteristen des Ersten Weltkriegs by Laurent Mirouze – ISBN: 3-924753-28-8. My edition is in German, but under World War 1 Infantry one can find English versions. This is a popular book with figure painters and WW1 collectors alike and shows the uniform, weapons and equipment of different nations being worn by models. The text to each figure is good.

Die feldgraue Uniformierung des deutschen Heeres 1907 – 1918 by Jürgen Kraus Volumes 1 & 2 (German language) ISBN: 3-7648-2533-2. These two volumes gives an in-depth description of the German uniforms, equipment, units and weapons from 1907 – 1918, with drawings and tables etc. Volume 1 has a colour section at rear of book showing uniform illustrations of units and different branches etc. Volume 2 has a collection of black & white photographs, some well-known. Although quite expensive, these volumes are interesting for figure sculptures of this period due the description and measurements within text.


The Somme 1916 by Michael Chappell – ISBN: 1-85915-007-1. Written and illustrated by the author Michael Chappell, this well written book with original photographs and coloured plates gives a basic incite to this infamous battle in 1916.

Beneath Flanders Fields – The Tunnellers’ War 1914 – 18 by Peter Barton, Peter Doyle and Johan Vandewalle – ISBN: 1-86227-237-9. This fascinating book illustrates the evolution of military mining, leading to its deployment on the Western Front, with many detailed drawings and photographs from then and now.

The 1917 Spring Offensives, Arras, Vimy, le Chemin des Dames by Yves Buffetaut (translated by Bernard Leprêtre) – ISBN: 2-908-182-66-1. This French book shows the Spring Offensives of 1917 in mostly unknown photographs with English text and maps. A section of the book covers the French Schneider CA tank and the battle of Berry-au-Bac in April 1917.


Equipment / Vehicles

Any of the Tankograd – World War One books – No. 1 – 6.  

No. 1001 – Sturmpanzer A7V – First of the Panzers by Rainer Strasheim and Max Hundleby – ISBN: 978-3-936519-11-2. Probably the best researched reference book on this subject to date, with rare photographs, scaled drawings and English text.

No. 1002 – Sturmtruppen – The Kaiser’s Elite Stormtroopers by Oliver Richter – ISBN: 978-3-936519-23-5. Some good photographs of German Stormtroopers, their weapons and equipment.

No. 1003 – Beute- Tanks – British Tanks in German Service Vol. 1 by Reiner Strasheim – ISBN: 978-3-936519-24-2. Another well-researched book on this specialist subject with many rare photographs and detailed English text. The collection of French Tanks in German service towards the end of this book is particularly interesting.

No. 1004 – Beute- Tanks – British Tanks in German Service Vol. 2 by Oliver Richter – ISBN: 978-3-936519-25-9. The same good quality book as volume 1 and include a chapter on the captured tanks in Freikorps service 1919-20.

No. 1005 – Grabenkrieg – German Trench Warfare Vol. 1 by Reiner Strasheim – ISBN: 978-3-936519-26-6. Both volumes give a good understanding of the German trench systems with information and photographs on uniforms, specialist equipment and weapons, incl. snipers, Bergmann MP, infantry guns, flame throwers, gas warfare and anti-tank guns.

No. 1006 – Grabenkrieg – German Trench Warfare Vol. 2 by Reiner Strasheim – ISBN: 978-3-936519-27-3.

A7V Mephisto – A Queensland Museum Guide by Gregory Czechure and Jeff Hopkins-Weise – ISBN: 9780980569209. Although only a small booklet, it does give some good information about the A7V Mephisto Tank with many detailed photographs (unfortunately rather small in some cases).

Sturmpanzerwagen A7V, Vom Urpanzer zum Kampfpanzer Leopard 2 (Komitee Nachbau Sturmpanzerwagen A7V, Band 15) (German language) – ISBN: 3-7637-6243-4. The book is based around the reconstruction of the A7V tank, which is displayed at the German Tank Museum Munster here in Lower Saxony, North Germany and gives information on the design, technic and tactic of the first tanks. Subsequent information about further developments to the German Tank arm up to the Leopard 2 tank.


Das Tankgewehr Mauser M 1918 by Wolfgang Kern (German language) – ISBN:3-933481-06-6.  This book has everything one needs to know about the first ever anti-tank weapon. I used this book combined with measurements from an original Mauser Anti-Tank Rifle to model my own version

Machine Guns of World War 1 by Robert Bruce – ISBN: 1-85915-078-0. This is a really interesting book on the main machine guns of WW1: Maxim Machinengewhr 08, Maschinengewehr 08/15, Maschinenpistole 18/1 (Bergmann), Vickers Mk 1, Lewis Mk 1, Hotchkiss Mle 1914 & Chauchat Mle 1915. Each gun is test fired in field conditions, using uniformed personnel with full descriptions of mechanism, operation, maintenance, accessories and conclusion. Diagrams, technical tables and original photographs make up this excellent book.

The Devil’s Paintbrush – Sir Hiram Maxim’s Gun by Dolf L. Goldsmith (Delux Expaned Edition, 2002) – ISBN: 0-88935-282-8. This is the story of the Maxim machine gun, with everything you need to know about this weapon and all the associated versions and accessories. At the moment I am using the book to produce the new JSM figure

Honour Bound – The Chauchat Machine rifle by Gerard Demaison & Yves Buffetaut – ISBN: 0-88935-190-2. This book is dedicated to the infamous Chauchat Machine Rifle developed and employed by the French Army (late USA) during World War 1, with many useful technical drawings and photographs.


German Amateur Photographers in the First World War by Sebastian Remus – ISBN: 978 0-7643-3093-3. This book shows the view of the Western Front through the eyes of the German amateur photographers – there are some really interesting photographs shown here.

Nous Etions Des Hommes by Jacques Moreau (French language) – ISBN: 2-7324-3188-5. This book was recommended by a longstanding French customer and contains many high quality photographs of the Home and Western Front from the French viewpoint.

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