1:32 – 54mm Single Heads

SH - Group 1The 1st batch of 22 spare heads was launched at the beginning of 2016. Some originated from the already existing 1:32nd / 54mm JSM figure range, others were converted incl. the popular gas mask heads.

SH Group (2nd Batch)

The 2nd batch of 8 new 1:32nd / 54mm heads has been released at the end of May 2016. I have chosen this time subjects with less well known headdress types, incl. the older Prussian Landsturm soldiers.

A selection of the heads are below, with links to the individual pages:

SH33 - Balmoral Bonnet - 5th Seaforth Highlanders (Territorial Infantry)SH31 - 54mm Head - Chasseurs Alpine (Goatee)SH32 - 54mm Head - Kepi (Full Beard)SH24 - 54mm Head - Kepi M14SH29 - 54mm Head - Landsturm (Goatee)SH30 - 54mm Head - LandsturmSH26 - 54mm Head - Chasseurs Aplins (Beard)SH28 - 54mm Head - Gaede HelmetSH27 - 54mm Head - Field Cap - Gas MaskSH23 - 54mm Head - Atillerie SpecialSH25 - 54mm Head - Chasseurs AlpinsSH19 1SH21 1SH22 1SH18 1SH08SH16DSC02582DSC02625SH10 - 54mm Head - German Field Cap M1910

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