Dan Moore’s Mauser T Gunner Vignette

Dan Moore from Australia builds the JSM Mauser T Gunner Vignette. Part of Dan’s own text to this figure and painting – the pictures speak for themselves:

20161127-20tg-2 Dan MooreThe figure is based on an officer of the 27th Prussian Reserve Infantry Regiment who participated in a defensive action during the Beaucamp-Cambrai offensive of September 1918. The figure was base-coated in Tamiya acrylics via airbrush, with oils used for blending, shadows & highlights. The head was finished in various Vallejo shades. All weapons and field equipment were slightly enhanced where required & painted using Tamiya shades. The basic plaster Vignette base was used, with pigments and foliage added. The poppies were fabricated from stretched sprue & crepe paper. The stakes & barbed wire were also scratch made.

20161127-20tg-1 Dan Moore20161127-20tg-7 Dan Moore20161127-20tg-5 Dan Moore20161127-20tg-6 Dan Moore

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4 JSM Kits from Konstantin Kapitonov

Konstantin Kapitonov from Russian has sent pictures of 4 different JSM kits he has assembled and painted – 2 of the kits are combined into one vignette. I love the colourful appearance of these photographs and especially the rusty metal.

The all-round effect of these small dioramas is just wonderful. He tells me that he always uses water-soluble polyvinyl acetate tempera paint. The full set of these pictures are shown on the JSM Gallery page. I look forward to more of his work.


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New Single JSM 54mm Heads & Parts Released

SH Group (2nd Batch)Another batch of 8 new 54mm Heads has been released along with some 54mm equipment & weapons. I have chosen this time subjects with less well known headdress types, incl. the rare Gaede helmet and Landsturm oilcloth caps.

SFF Group 1

The 54mm Spare Parts are mainly taken from existing JSM figures, along with a few totally new items. These are intended for figure conversions / accessories and of cause dioramas.

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More individual 1:16th Scale (120mm) Spare Parts

IS66 - German Body Armouor Set 6IS66 - German Body Armour Set 3IS66 - German Body Armour Set - 11IS - Equip. Group 2016 - 2IS39 - German Water Bottle M15-17 (Later War ProductionIS49 - French Adrian Helmet Artillerie Speciale - 2IS40 - French Adrian Helmet - Artillery - 3IS68 German Anti-Tank Amo & 2 x HoldersIS65 - German PK11 Empty (for tools - spares) - 1IS51 - German PK11 Open with Ammo - 2IS67 - German PK11 & Flare Gun - 32016-05-19 11.40.23

Another batch of 1:16th scale JSM spare parts has just been released.

I have chosen a mixture of standard equipment and some less well known subjects, incl. the rare German Poppenberg early type stick grenades.

The following new parts & links:

German Helmet & Body Armour, Haversack & Late War Production Water Bottle, Pioneer Wire Cutters

German Poppenberg Stick Grenades

British Hobnailed Trench Club with Lead Band

French Adrian Helmets (Chasseurs, Artillery & Tank Crew)

German Empty PK11 Ammo Box (for tools / spare parts)

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Avant Garde! France 1916 – 54mm Vignette

Another vignette from Holland, this time from model-maker and designer Roger Hurkmans. I believe the photos speak for themselves. I particularly like the groundwork detail and movement captured in this scene.

He has used some of the new JSM 54mm spare parts, which are due for release later this summer. I look forward to more projects from Roger.

20160519 R. Hurkmans - Avant Garde 1916 420160519 R. Hurkmans - Avant Garde 1916 520160519 R. Hurkmans - Avant Garde 1916 220160519 R. Hurkmans - Avant Garde 1916 320160519 R. Hurkmans - Avant Garde 1916 620160519 R. Hurkmans - Avant Garde 1916 720160519 R. Hurkmans - Avant Garde 1916 1

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The new JSM 1:10 bust has now been released – Chasseurs à Pied

20160510 29BUC 620160510 29BUC 829BUC - The PartsSorry for the long wait on this one, but the first JSM 1:10th scale bust has now been released – Chasseurs à Pied – French Light Infantryman 1914/15. This is the very first bust produced by JSM and indeed the first bust which I have painted. I hope the artwork (enamel and oil paints) is not too bad.

For more pictures / information. More bust are planned for the future.

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Metal Smith’s Cart

Arie Allard from Holland has created this wonderful metal smith’s cart, as always adding bits and pieces from the JSM range. I just love these little dioramas. Check out the Gallery Page for more of his work.

Arie Allard - Metal Smith Cart 4Arie Allard - Metal Smith Cart 3Arie Allard - Metal Smith Cart 2Arie Allard - Metal Smith Cart 1

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Latest 54mm Heads are Finished

The latest 1:32nd / 54mm single heads announced in January have now been released (see photos below). There are now 22 in total and include the different helmet types worn with the German gas mask M17.
More 54mm heads are planned for the future.

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JSM 54mm Heads

SH - Group 1I have now extended the 1:32nd / 54mm range to include the heads to be purchased separately. The heads are partly from the existing JSM 54mm range, but now also include some of the not so common subjects for example gas masks or the German M1918 steel helmet with ear cut-outs. There are 17 French and German heads in this first release, with a further 5 more following shortly.

The 5 heads not yet released are below.

SH20 1SH21 1SH22 1SH19 1SH18 1

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The First 1:10th Scale JSM Bust – Chasseurs à Pied

29BUC 529BUC 629BUC 129BUC 7

Welcome to the first 1:10th scale JSM bust – Chasseurs à Pied – French Light Infantryman 1914/15. This simple, but hopefully interesting character is the first bust to be produced by me and will shortly be released. The kit contains just 3 parts; the head, upper torso with top part of arms and a 6mm diameter brass tube for mounting. The idea and reference material are from the wonderful book Nous Etions Des Hommes by Jacques Moreau (French language). A Newsletter will be sent out to all as soon the bust is released.

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