Trench Rats

The  JSM Trench Rats are available in the 1:16th (120mm), 1:32nd (54mm) & 1:35th Scales. See above a wonderful example of a painted Sleeping Rat by Josua Lai from Switzerland.

There are also smaller Rat Pack Specials in all the scales above, showing these rodents together with the German M16 Helmets and British SRD Rum Jars.

A selection of the 1:16th (120mm) poses from the JSM Trench Rats packet

Rat 4 - Looking Down - StraightRat 10 - Standing - Low - Head RightRat 8 - Dead - SideRat 9 - Standing - High 2

These model rodents are intended to enhance any dioramas or modelling scenes, historical or otherwise, but particularly models of the Great War period. They have been created in the large 1:16th scale / 120mm and the smaller 1:32nd or 1:35th scales / 54mm sizes. As these creatures varied in sizes, the differences between the smaller scales of 1:32nd & 1:35th is virtually unnoticeable.

The 1:16th (120mm) JSM Trench Rat Specials – Sleeping and Standing Rats in German Helmet

Rat 14 - Sleeping - German Helmet 3Rat 14 - Sleeping - German HelmetRat 13 - Standing - German Helmet 3Rat 13 - Standing - German HelmetRat 14 - Sleeping - German Helmet 2Rat 14 - Sleeping - German Helmet 1Rat 13 - Standing - German Helmet 1Rat 13 - Standing - German Helmet 2

Most of the pictures are a design feature of the 3D programs, which are used to create the master models. These are then cast in the usual grey resin common to the JSM models. Some objects are also shown transparent – this is to help display hidden parts of the model. The painted version of Sleeping Rat in Helmet is from Josua Lai, Switzerland.

The 1:16th (120mm) JSM Trench Rat Special – Rats with British SRD Rum Jars

Rat 11 - Looking Down - SRD 3Rat 11 - Looking Down - SRDRat 11 - Looking Down - SRD 2Rat 11 - Looking Down - SRD 1

Rat 15 - Inside - SRD 4Rat 15 - Inside - SRDRat 15 - Inside - SRD 3Rat 15 - Inside - SRD 2

Rat 12 - Standing - SRD 3Rat 12 - Standing - SRDRat 12 - Standing - SRD 2Rat 12 - Standing - SRD 1

Trench Rats in 1:32nd (54mm) & 1:35th Scales

Below is a selection of the 1:32nd (54mm) & 1:35th Scales poses from the JSM Trench Rat Packet.

All the rats have the same poses as the larger 1:16th / 120mm versions, with the main exception of being all mounted directly onto small stands. Also in the smaller scales are the Rat Specials with German Helmets and British SRD Jars.

Rat No. 5 on BaseRat No. 1 on BaseRat No. 7 on BaseRat No. 4 on Base

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