I will attempt to update this page as often as possible with photos of the JSM range built and painted by customers, acquaintances and friends. Some of the photos show scratch-built or conversions where only the odd JSM part(s) is used.

Small Rats & SRDs Diorama 2Small Rats & SRDs Diorama 3Small Rats & SRDs Diorama 4Small Rats & SRDs Diorama 520171015 - War is not a Game, 1939 120171015 - War is not a Game, 1939 420171015 - War is not a Game, 1939 220171015 - War is not a Game, 1939 320150909 23MXD New Version20170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 1020170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 920170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 220170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 420170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 320170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 820170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 7Albatros B. IILVG C. II Ikarus 1916 1LVG C. II Ikarus 1916 2LVG C. II Ikarus 1916 3201707 23MXD 6201707 23MXD 4201707 23MXD 2201707 23MXD 720170102-20tg-conversion-hans-bouwmeester-320170102-20tg-conversion-hans-bouwmeester-420161127-20tg-7 Dan Moore20161127-20tg-1 Dan Moore20161127-20tg-2 Dan Moore20161127-20tg-6 Dan Moore22mxn-in-trench-f-konstantin-122mxn-in-trench-f-konstantin-222mxn-in-trench-f-konstantin-322mxn-in-trench-f-konstantin-422mxn-in-trench-f-konstantin-522mxn-in-trench-f-konstantin-622mxn-in-trench-f-konstantin-727ah-04sp-in-trench-f-konstantin-227ah-04sp-in-trench-f-konstantin-327ah-04sp-in-trench-f-konstantin-427ah-04sp-in-trench-f-konstantin-127ah-04sp-in-trench-f-konstantin-627ah-04sp-in-trench-f-konstantin-513ph-in-trench-f-konstantin-613ph-in-trench-f-konstantin-213ph-in-trench-f-konstantin-4German Gun - French Infantry 54mm 4German Gun - French Infantry 54mm 1German Gun - French Infantry 54mm 3German Gun - French Infantry 54mm 220160629 Metal Smith Cart 520160629 Metal Smith Cart 720160629 Metal Smith Cart 820160629 Metal Smith Cart 6Arie Allard - 09DLI conversion 1Arie Allard -  FT-17 1940 2Arie Allard - FT-17 1940 5Arie Allard - FLAMGA 3Arie Allard - FLAMGA 120160519 R. Hurkmans - Avant Garde 1916 120160519 R. Hurkmans - Avant Garde 1916 220160519 R. Hurkmans - Avant Garde 1916 320160519 R. Hurkmans - Avant Garde 1916 6Arie Allard - 27AH with MG Flak 2Arie Allard - 27AH with MG Flak 3Arie Allard - 27AH with MG Flak 4Arie Allard - 27AH with MG Flak 5Arie Allard - 27AH with MG Flak 6Arie Allard - Scot. Stretcher-Bearer 2Arie Allard - Scot. Stretcher-Bearer 1Arie Allard - DLI Officer - Shooting Practice 1Arie Allard - DLI Officer - Shooting Practice 2Arie Allard - Metal Smith Cart 1Arie Allard - Metal Smith Cart 2Arie Allard - Metal Smith Cart 3Arie Allard - Metal Smith Cart 4AFV 77 Article 1AFV 77 Article 220140911 A Gulden AFV Mag 2020140911 A Gulden AFV Mag 1520140911 A Gulden AFV Mag 1020140911 A Gulden AFV Mag 720140911 A Gulden AFV Mag 520140911 A Gulden AFV Mag 320140911 A Gulden AFV Mag 220140911 A Gulden AFV Mag 120140911 A Gulden AFV Mag 1320140911 A Gulden AFV Mag 14Arie Allard 21MXG Conversion 121MXG Conversion 221MXG Conversion 6 Arie Allard 25SP 10Arie Allard 25SP 9Arie Allard Over the Top 7Arie Allard Over the Top 4Arie Allard Over the Top 2Arie Allard Over the Top 5Arie Allard Gulaschkannone 5Arie Allard Gulaschkannone 4Arie Allard Gulaschkannone 2Arie Allard Gulaschkannone 1Arie Allard Gulaschkannone & 14KFS 1Arie Allard T Ford 5Arie Allard T Ford 2Arie Allard T Ford 3Arie Allard 08ST and 11MGS w 08-15 4Arie Allard 13PH w Trench Wall 5Arie Allard 13PH w Trench Wall 1Arie Allard 13PH w Trench Wall 2Arie Allard 10TF & 15DIC w T-Gewehr Arie Allard 10TF & 15DIC w T-Gewehr 1Daniel Doudoux 22MXN 2Daniel Doudoux 22MXN 2K. Kapitonov 25SP 11K. Kapitonov 25SP 10K. Kapitonov 25SP 8K. Kapitonov 25SP 6K. Kapitonov Verlinden 6K. Kapitonov Verlinden 5K. Kapitonov Verlinden 3K. Kapitonov Verlinden 2K. Kapitonov Verlinden 1K. Kapitonov 25SP 2K. Kapitonov 25SP 1K. Kapitonov 25SP 4K. Kapitonov 22MXN 7K. Kapitonov 22MXN 5K. Kapitonov 22MXN 3K. Kapitonov 22MXN 2K. Kapitonov 22MXN 1K. Kapitonov MG Gunner 7K. Kapitonov MG Gunner 5K. Kapitonov 22MXN MG 2K. Kapitonov 22MXN MG 8K. Kapitonov 22MXN MG 9K. Kapitonov 21MXG o MG 10K. Kapitonov 21MXG o MG 9K. Kapitonov 21MXG o MG 6K. Kapitonov Bergmann 1K. Kapitonov Bergmann 6K. Kapitonov Bergmann 4K. Kapitonov Bergmann 5Kristof Dumoulin Stormtrooper 1Kristof Dumoulin Stormtrooper 2Pavel Prokhorov 20TG 7Pavel Prokhorov 20TG 4Pavel Prokhorov 20TG 3Pavel Prokhorov Flamethrower 7Pavel Prokhorov Flamethrower 6Pavel Prokhorov Flamethrower 5Pavel Prokhorov Flamethrower 4Pavel Prokhorov Flamethrower 3Pavel Prokhorov Flamethrower 2Pavel Prokhorov Flamethrower 10Pavel Prokhorov Flamethrower 11Pavel Prokhorov Flamethrower 13Pavel Prokhorov Flamethrower 12D. Youngquist 2D. Youngquist 3D. Youngquist 4D. Youngquist 1Christian Hahn Small Trench 1D. Youngquist 26PH Trench 3D. Youngquist 26PH 5D. Youngguist 26PH Trench 3

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