1:32 – 54mm Equipment

SFF Group 1

Individual 1:32nd / 54mm Spare Parts

The 54mm spare parts are mainly taken from existing JSM figures, along with a few totally new items. These are intended for figure conversions / accessories and of cause dioramas.

SFF01 - French Lebel Rifle M1886-93SFF02 - French 3 x Ammo Pouches M16SFF03 - French Cantenn M1877 w CupSFF04 - French Gas Mask M2SFF05 - French Haversack M1892SFF06 - French Group Canteen BouteillonSFF08 - French Canteen M1877SFF09 - German Helmet M16SFF10 - German Helmet M18 w Ear Cut-OutsSFF11 - German Helmet M16 w CoverSFF12 - German Helmet M16 w Armoured PlateSFF13 - German Water Bottle M1907SFF14 - German Labe Water Bottle M1915SFF15 - German Gas Mask HolderSFF16 - German Pistol 08 HolterSFF17 - German Combat DaggerSFF18 - German Gas Mask Tin M17SFF19 - German Stick Grenade M15

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