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Working with Resin

Small Parts

These figure kits are recommended for the model maker and collectors as of 14 years and above. Due to scale and functional model design there maybe sharp points, edges and small parts. Ensure that these are kept out of the reach of children (danger of swallowing).


The type of design and casting method has been chosen so as to avoid any extensive cleaning up where possible of the resin parts. There will be however a requirement to remove some casting lines or flash from the molding process.

It is generally better to scrape with a knife blade rather than sand. If sanding is still required then it is recommended to use a wet sanding method, hence bonding the dust. The wearing of a suitable dust mask is also recommended where necessary. Whichever way is chosen to remove these lines or edges, care should be taken to avoid dust exposure.

Generally large casting blocks have already been removed, but where blocks are still in place, it is recommended to use a good quality sharp clipper rather than a saw, taking care that the removed clippings fall away from the face. Some of the smaller blocks have been left in place to render a holding device during construction and painting. If however customers require the blocks to be removed prior to sending, then please state beforehand.

Glue / Adhesives

Every model maker has his or her own method of gluing the resin parts together. I have always used a combination of Super Glue (gel type) and wood glue. After dry-fitting of the parts I use small droplets of Super Glue on the inner most surfaces and wood glue on the outer areas (the glues are not mixed together, but applied to one of the surfaces spaced apart). When using Super Glues, it is recommended that the work area is ventilated.

For any questions concerning health & safety (also any other related matters concerning the construction and painting of resin model kits), please do not hesitate to contact me either by telephone, letter or email.

Jon Smith

Tel: ++49 (0)5161 8255

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