Coming Soon – German Sapper, Sturm-Btl. Nr. 5 (Rohr), 1916

Coming soon the new JSM 1:10th bust, German Sapper Sturm-Btl. Nr. 5 (Rohr), 1916. Design and prototype figure (master) are finished and I will start the casting and production in the coming weeks. The bust will have a choice of 2 alternative heads and is supplied with the normal 6mm buffed diameter brass tube for mounting. Here are a few of the 3D program snapshots.

20170820 Stormtrooper Bust 720170820 Stormtrooper Bust 320170712 Stormtrooper Bust 220170820 Stormtrooper Bust 1020170820 Stormtrooper Bust 2820170820 Stormtrooper Bust 1820170820 Stormtrooper Bust 2620170820 Stormtrooper Bust 2420170820 Detail 420170820 Detail 220170820 Kar 98 AZ 620170820 Gas Tin Old Type for M15 Gas Mask 1

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