Sleeping Trench Rat

Josua Lai from Switzerland has created a lovely small mini-diorama with the 1:16th scale JSM Sleeping Trench Rat in German M16 Steel Helmet. The barbed wire he did himself, the straw under rat is a combination of dried grass and other fibres. Acrylic paints and 2-componant epoxy resin to display the water finished off this wonderful scene. For more of Josua’s work:

A tutorial on how to create water on these mini-dioramas:

20180430 Rat in Helmet Josua Lai - 420180430 Rat in Helmet Josua Lai - 320180430 Rat in Helmet Josua Lai - 220180430 Rat in Helmet Josua Lai - 1

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David Lane Paints the JSM German Prisoner 1917

David has painted the German Prisoner bust. The subtle application of dirt and weathering on uniform and helmet is particularly well balanced with the sadness and fatigue expressed in this soldier’s face.

20180227 David Lane 30BGP 120180227 David Lane 30BGP 320180227 David Lane 30BGP 620180227 David Lane 30BGP 2

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David Lane Paints the JSM Sapper Stormtrooper 1916

David Lane paints the JSM Sapper Stormtrooper. Predominantly oils (W&N) over Humbrol enamels for cloth, oils on acrylic for leather, metal and flesh. For more information on this 1:10th scale bust.

20180110 David Lane 31BST 420180110 David Lane 31BST 920180110 David Lane 31BST 520180110 David Lane 31BST 120180110 David Lane 31BST 820180110 David Lane 31BST 720180110 David Lane 31BST 620180110 David Lane 31BST 2

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David Lane’s JSM Chasseurs à Pied

David Lane from UK has painted the JSM Chasseurs à Pied. The painting technique is Humbrol enamels undercoat with Winsor & Newton oils on top. For more information on this 1:10th scale bust and my own painted example.

20171125 David Lane 29BUC 320171125 David Lane 29BUC 120171125 David Lane 29BUC 420171125 David Lane 29BUC 2

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Now Released – German Sapper Stormtrooper, Sturm-Btl. Nr. 5 (Rohr), 1916

The new JSM 1:10th bust, German Sapper Stormtrooper Sturm-Btl. Nr. 5 (Rohr), 1916 has now been released. The bust has a choice of 2 alternative heads and is supplied with the usual 6mm buffed diameter brass tube for mounting. Below are a mixture of 3D design and model resin pictures.

DSC05230DSC05222DSC05218DSC0528520171125 31BST 1120171125 31BST 1220171125 31BST 1620171125 31BST 1320171125 31BST 620171125 31BST 720171125 31BST 320171125 31BST 420171125 31BST Detail 1020171125 31BST Detail 1520171125 31BST Detail 1820171125 31BST Detail 19

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100 Years Passchendaele – The New 1:10th Scale JSM German Prisoner 1917 Bust Now Released

Now available is the new JSM German Prisoner bust in 1:10th scale. Below are photos of the bust, sprayed only in grey. This bust has a choice of 2 heads, each with 2 gas mask spectacles.


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David Youngquist’s JSM Trench Conversion

20150909 23MXD New VersionDavid Youngquist from Last Cavalry has built and converted some JSM figures and set into a trench diorama with MG08 stand. Only the left hand corner of trench is from the original kit, the rest he has scratch-built. I really love Dave’s models, especially the groundwork and I have to admit, that it looks like the real thing! The painting of the wooden posts and planks, with the different stages of exposure to the elements is excellent.

20170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 820170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 920170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 1020170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 220170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 520170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 320170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 420170621 Trench 2015 D. Youngguist 7

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German Prisoner – Infantry Regiment No. 60, Passchendaele 1917

Coming soon – the 2nd JSM 1:10th scale bust German Prisoner. Here are a few of the 3D program snapshots.

30BGP German Prisoner Helmet BPR 430BGP German Prisoner Helmet BPR 730BGP German Prisoner Field Cap BPR 730BGP German Prisoner Field Cap BPR 130BGP Detail BPR 120170610 Detail BPR 1230BGP Detail BPR 730BGP Detail BPR 16

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New JSM Trench Rats and British SRD Jars

JSM Trench Rats and British SRD Jars in 1:16th scale / 120mm and the smaller 1:32nd or 1:35th scales / 54mm sizes

Rat 4 - Looking Down - StraightRat 10 - Standing - Low - Head Right20170119 Rat in German Helmet M16 1Rat 15 - Inside - SRD 3

Now being released are the new JSM Trench Rats and SRD Jars.

20170322 Damaged SRD Jar 1Rat No. 11 on SRD JarRat 13 - Standing - German Helmet 3Rat 12 - Standing - SRD 3

There are also smaller Rat Pack Specials in all the scales above, showing these rodents together with the German Steel Helmets and British SRD Rum Jars.

Note: All the 1:16th scale / 120mm Trench Rats can be purchased individually / Hinweis: Alle im Maßstab 1:16 / 120mm Ratten können einzeln gekauft werden. 

These model rodents are intended to enhance any dioramas or modelling scenes, historical or otherwise, but particularly models of the Great War period. As these creatures varied in sizes, the differences between the smaller scales of 1:32nd & 1:35th is virtually unnoticeable.

SRD - The Parts in Resin - 1Rats - The Parts in Resin - 3Rats - The Parts in Resin - 4

A selection of the new items and links are below:

1:16th (120mm)

Trench Rat Pack Set

British SRD Rum Jar Set

Special – Rats in Helmets

Special – Rats with SRD Jars

Single Trench Rats

Also new in this scale:

German Body Armour / Grabenpanzer - separate segments

German Steel Helmet with Inside Detail (Special Edition)

German Gas Mask Tin M16 / Bereitschaftsbüchse M16

 German Body Armour (Sections) - The Parts in Resin 1IS43 - Gas Tin M16 - Bereitschaftsbüchse M1916 1

1:32nd (54mm) & 1:35th

Trench Rat Pack Set

British SRD Rum Jar Set

Special – Rats in Helmets (only 1:32nd / 54mm)

Special – Rats with SRD Jars

Also in 1:32nd / 54mm:

German Steel Helmet with Inside Detail (Special Edition)

20170429 German Steel Helmet M16 1

3 x Spare Heads

French Chasseurs Alpini – with Goatee Beard

French Infantryman – Kepi – Full Beard

Scottish Infantryman – Balmoral Bonnet

SH31 - 54mm Head - Chasseurs Alpine (Goatee)SH32 - 54mm Head - Kepi (Full Beard)SH33 - Balmoral Bonnet - 5th Seaforth Highlanders (Territorial Infantry)

Some of the pictures above are a design feature of the 3D programs, which are now used by me to partly create the master models. These are then cast in the usual grey resin common to the JSM models. Some objects are also shown transparent – this is to help display hidden parts of the model.

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Dan Moore’s Mauser T Gunner Vignette

Dan Moore from Australia builds the JSM Mauser T Gunner Vignette. Part of Dan’s own text to this figure and painting – the pictures speak for themselves:

20161127-20tg-2 Dan MooreThe figure is based on an officer of the 27th Prussian Reserve Infantry Regiment who participated in a defensive action during the Beaucamp-Cambrai offensive of September 1918. The figure was base-coated in Tamiya acrylics via airbrush, with oils used for blending, shadows & highlights. The head was finished in various Vallejo shades. All weapons and field equipment were slightly enhanced where required & painted using Tamiya shades. The basic plaster Vignette base was used, with pigments and foliage added. The poppies were fabricated from stretched sprue & crepe paper. The stakes & barbed wire were also scratch made.

20161127-20tg-1 Dan Moore20161127-20tg-7 Dan Moore20161127-20tg-5 Dan Moore20161127-20tg-6 Dan Moore

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