Major Website Update in Progress

The JSM website is currently being updated with new releases and an internet shop. There will be 2 x new figure kits and 2 MG08 Weapon Set variation releases; all in 120mm. Pictures will follow shortly.

Some of the items have still not been linked to the shop. This will be undertaken in the next few days. If there are any enquires or difficulties, then please do not hesitate to contact me direct:

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Future Projects

For the past few years a lot of thought has gone into bringing out a WWI vehicle in the 1:15th scale. A preliminary research on the basic measurements for 3 or 4 subjects has taken place and no final decision has been taken. Also, many questions are still unanswered in respect to casting techniques, amount of detail to be shown, or basically where to stop and will it be affordable.

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On the Work Bench

German MG08 Gunner ca. 1915 (Code: 26MGP)

A standing figure with the larger MG08 Maxim. This project is still in the master construction stage, with many of the numerous MG08 items still to be produced. As always the figure will have a choice of 2 heads, with spiked and shako helmets. Photos of the master model will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Release date and price still to be announced.

French Figure 1:15th scale (120mm)

The creation of a new 1:15th scale, 120mm French figure has always at the back of my mind and various French equipment items have already been produced. The smaller 54mm Poilu in the JSM range have always been popular and it would be pleasing to experience the same amount of positive feedback in this larger scale.

A decision as to what type of figure is still to be made.

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New Figures Released

1:15th scale (120mm)

German Sentry, Infantryman, Western Front 1917 (Code: 25SP)

The figure depicts a German Infantryman on duty in the Front Line area during the winter 1917/18. He wears the armoured plate body armour associated with troops on guard duty, snipers or MG personnel within exposed areas of the Front.

This figure has now been released after some set-backs in production – so apologies to all who have waited so long.

German NCO Veteran, Western Front 1917/18 (Code: 27AH)

The figure depicts a German veteran near to the Front during late 1917 or early 1918 and was taken from a black & white photo on a book cover. Although it is hard to distinguish any forms of rank with the group of soldiers, one would assume that they are at least all Non Commissioned Officers (NCO) or Senior NCOs.

This figure has now been released.

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