More individual 1:16th Scale (120mm) Spare Parts

IS66 - German Body Armouor Set 6IS66 - German Body Armour Set 3IS66 - German Body Armour Set - 11IS - Equip. Group 2016 - 2IS39 - German Water Bottle M15-17 (Later War ProductionIS49 - French Adrian Helmet Artillerie Speciale - 2IS40 - French Adrian Helmet - Artillery - 3IS68 German Anti-Tank Amo & 2 x HoldersIS65 - German PK11 Empty (for tools - spares) - 1IS51 - German PK11 Open with Ammo - 2IS67 - German PK11 & Flare Gun - 32016-05-19 11.40.23

Another batch of 1:16th scale JSM spare parts has just been released.

I have chosen a mixture of standard equipment and some less well known subjects, incl. the rare German Poppenberg early type stick grenades.

The following new parts & links:

German Helmet & Body Armour, Haversack & Late War Production Water Bottle, Pioneer Wire Cutters

German Poppenberg Stick Grenades

British Hobnailed Trench Club with Lead Band

French Adrian Helmets (Chasseurs, Artillery & Tank Crew)

German Empty PK11 Ammo Box (for tools / spare parts)

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